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  • obviously
    06-14 11:47 AM

    Let us use this weekend to get on the phone and spend an average of 1 min. 20 seconds per Representative leaving voice mail messages per this script. It is absolutely easy. There can be no reason we cannot do it.

    For each Immigrant In The Queue, remember, you can call, so can your wife, so can each of your kids. Get a friend to call. Get his wife, or her husband to call. 57 is pathetically low. If each of us that have called gets ONE MORE PERSON to spend a grand total of 10 Minutes leaving voicemails, we will have hit the 100 mark.

    Guys, gals and other beings... this is not scary stuff. You will be 'talking' to voicemail. Time much better spent than debating the LA Lakers-Celtics game, wondering about what to eat for lunch, or debating the latest controversy thats caught your fancy.

    Seriously, let the HIGH SKILLS portion of our profile come to play ... pick up the phone and call ... call now !!!!


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  • cgeek4u
    07-16 06:07 PM

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  • fasterthanlight�
    06-17 01:01 AM
    Very nice oli-g, my vote is with you........

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  • willwin
    09-17 10:24 AM

    I guess the markup session starts at 10:15 am. Whoever is watching this live, please post the update here in this thread.



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  • jthomas
    03-13 12:41 PM
    you had waited for such a long time. I would suggest to take a big break and visit india and come back. In fact you can do the same in EAD. Think forward don't get your emotions in the way.

    That is correct, 9 months and then I will return to my country for good.
    I am waiting for the day when we get the GC , we will tear it into pieces and throw in front of consulate.


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  • cagedcactus
    11-14 01:26 PM
    WD, I am with you on this.
    Heck, if no one will do it, I will send that letter with different names multiple times.....
    Dobbs is not only unfair, he is the ultimate hypocrite. Nothing but an opportunistic Fagg*t.
    And if WWJ cares to contact me back and ask me to justify my statement, I am ready to do it.
    I am not going to sit on my comfy behind and wait for lunatics like Dobbs to decide what my future will be....
    If I go down, I am going to go down swinging.....
    I am even going to call the radio and ask the same thing you have put in that letter if they ignore my emails.


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  • sam_hoosier
    03-08 05:16 PM
    desis will never change

    The non-paying members comprise of desis as well as non-desis :) Lets not point fingers at anyone group.

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  • smisachu
    07-30 12:01 AM
    Dont even think about it unless you are a quant and have resources that can compete with the Hedge funds. Commodities do not behave like stocks, you need to be able to model prices using multi variate models. Then there is jumps. You should be familiar with jump diffusion/step functions etc. To be able to model these you will need to use a factor model like the Pilipovic model. Even then it will only be an approximation.

    Commodities are purchased as futures. Futures are derivatives and you will need to hedge them. A perfect hedge for a future is 1:1 in the spot. Since there is no arb here you will have to use options. To model the price of an option you will have to be a master of Black-Scholes option pricing model or a similar method like monte carlo simulation. Even if you figure all this out you will have to delta hedge. Delta hedging commodity options is very expensive, you will bleed money. Look up Hodges-Nuberger model for delta hedging options on derivatives.

    I suggest a book by Daragana Pilipovic called "Energy Risk", buy it and read it. After that if you still feel you can take on hundreds of computers running parallel with teams of quants modelling prices and programs trading algarithimic models; then Good luck!!

    Trade stocks as modelling stocks is comparitively easy. Stocks have drift (mu). If you are saturated with stocks look into options and Fixed income. Leave all these complicated stuff to the pros. You have better chance of hitting a jackpot in a casino than making money in trading commodities.

    Hello IVians,
    As we all await our GCs, I thot we can explore some investment vehicles.

    Does anyone here have experience with commodity trading?
    Can we trade in commodities on H1 or L1 status?
    Is it too risky like forex trading?
    Who are the online brokers offer commodity trading?
    Is there a minimum account balance / trade required every month or so?

    Pls share your experience. Thanks!


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  • asanghi
    11-16 12:12 PM
    Not sure if the social security taxes are for immigration benefits. Also, the taxes we pay are for several other services that we get in the US. Remember, even as non-citizens, we get millions of benefits such 911, clean roads, and the list will go on. Why do you think we want to immigrate?

    I don't think this kind of an argument will hold any water with the press or lawmakers. There are other good arguments, and we should stick to them.

    qplearn. You are right.

    But as I have noticed, there is a lot of misinformation being spread around H1-B holders. One of those is that H1-B holders don't pay taxes. I have now read it at so many places, if I didn't know anything about H1-B visas, I would probably have believed it by now. So we really should make a point to mention that we pay taxes and social security.

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  • Bradman
    11-09 10:06 AM
    What you think and suggest is your problem. I know what all i had go through to be where I am today. I did a receive a call on either occasion from the Presidents office. As a matter of fact when I wrote to the FL and the Senators office then too I received calls.

    Keep you subject very precise and on the top of envelop remember to mention "Immigration Assistance". Please use ordinary mail 41 cents stamp and wait and watch.

    All the best !!!!

    Forgot to mention on all the instance I had sent hand written personal letters just stating traumatic situation which I am going through. Also remember this is a request which we are asking for and there is no moral obligation on their part to expedite.

    Cheers !!!


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    11-06 06:51 AM
    No LUD since Aug.2006 on I-485 . Who can beat me on this.

    No LUD since April 2005, how about that?

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  • axp817
    04-28 01:13 PM
    Received one today.

    Weirdest thing:

    Person's 140 was revoked by employer;

    person received notice of intent to deny. NOID clearly stated that 140 was revoked by employer then quoted ac21 law and said beneficiary may be eligible and to give job offer letter.

    person responded with letter from new ac21 employer with perfectly matching job duties/descriptions.

    uscis sent denial. Denial only stated that 140 was revoked and 140 immigrant petition is needed to get greencard.

    Don't know if this is a new procedure that they are following the main law where a valied 140 is needed the whole time.

    Have there been any updates on this case that you are at liberty to share?

    Thanks in advance.


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  • hopefulnewyorker
    11-06 01:22 PM
    Would any increase in the H-1B cap enacted this year have any implications for the current year or would it only relate to FY 2009 and going forward.


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  • satyasaich
    11-01 08:04 PM
    if flowers campaign was a grand success, why not try this?
    There is nothing to lose


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  • Lollerskater
    09-17 12:13 PM
    Does voting "Aye" mean yes? And the silent means "Pass"?

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  • JazzByTheBay
    07-17 10:06 PM

    Of course, now we risk alienating the "undocumented worker" community, but is that such a big deal given we're legal and struggling and hoping that America does the right thing to get us out of this gray area... ?

    On a different note, I can't wait to see what an EAD and AP looks like. When does the clock start ticking? Is it 90 days or 180 days? :)

    I so want a vacation! :)


    Lets ask Core not to just go with the temporary fix of July visa bulliten.
    We might apply for EAD and AP but what if they throw our papers some where and repeat the same thing.
    This time they will be very careful in issuing visa bulliten

    In future very slow progression in visa dates...adjudicating cases very slowly always stating that due to july visa bulliten we have lots of cases ...we will not be able to do anything until we sort ou...blah blah...

    This is not the fix
    We should be firm with our goals...

    Lets come up with some ideas....
    Lets not ask what to do...lets think and come up with an idea...and then we shall decide if it works or not...
    When some one first suggested flower campaign everyone took it as a joke...it was not implemented before some one sent the flowers and showed the receipt number...

    I was following core for a long time...this the biggest response i have ever seen from the members...

    Lets continue it...

    My idea ...lets not just accept the temporary fix...we should fight the congress until they come up with a plan of fixing the GC issue.

    The congress talks about fixing illegal immigration..Lets ask them to fix the legal immigration first.

    Unless we are really strong about it...nothing can be accomplished..

    They cant fix the existing legal system but they are ready with the plans of fixing illegal immigration...of course it failed but still they had big impact...


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  • vactorboy29
    06-11 04:26 PM
    --> --> --> --> --> --> --> -->
    Myself car1 car2 car3 car4 car5 car6 car7

    As describe by you above scenario .how come even your fault when car 7 or all other front car come stand still or go below road posted speed. I would argue that car7 is the initiator and reason to disturb traffic not you even if hit from back side and cause ripple effect. I would say car7 is at major fault and you should defend your case and sue all upfront car drivers for not violating traffic rules and causing this much inconvenience.

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  • permfiling
    04-29 09:17 PM
    Insane list ...I lost 50% of my head hair staying in US since last 10 yrs and now loose the rest doing the book keeping...no wonder stone age was fun ;-)

    Thanks for this info, but I am a million miles away from ever thinking about these.

    Just out of curiosity, why "shred" photocopies, except maybe for better document management and not drowning in paper? :D

    Is there some ramification towards citizenship?

    btw, Congrats on GC. :cool:


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  • gc28262
    01-28 03:28 PM
    One has to remember that the famous "AC21" is also a memo! My only concern is that we need to have a really good reason why we think AC21 is legal, and should be abided by, by USCIS, but the latest "E-E Relationship" memo is not legal, or is unjust...

    AILA wants to fight this on the grounds that such directives cannot be mandated in the form of a memo, but laws have to be passed. What if USCIS retracts the AC21 memo on the same grounds?

    AC21 doesn't contradict any law. AC21 memo is a real memo. It provides guidance for areas that are not clearly defined. So no point in comparing AC21 memo against the latest illegal memo by USCIS.

    08-24 06:32 PM
    Update from USCIS regarding Writ of Mandamus.


    10-07 07:43 PM
    Did you guys paid attention to this, when Inflation rose to 13% Indian Finance Minister said it is because Oil is at $160 a barrel, but now as Oil has come down, Inflation has come down worldwide Inflation is still above 12% in India. also, when Stock markets were at 22K Indian FM minister used to give Interviews every day it is because of great policies of UPA govt. Now Sensex has slashed 40%, Finance Mn. has suddenly dissapeared. Did you guys also heard him saying 'Indian economy is insulated from ongoing US crisis'. I doubt if there is a bigger liar in Indian govt. than the finance minister he's beaten Laloo, amar singh types...